Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Wow... I should have already posted in here again... doh me. I haven't been on the internet that much in the past few days though, so that will explain all.

I dunno, I haven't been feeling all that good lately... mabey it's just because of pregnancy... but my head hurts really bad... my nose burns... my eyes are dry... and my back... oh my poor back... it hurts more than anything on my body. That's because of the baby though... he's actually pretty big in there and things are starting to get cramped. And plus, I got big all of a sudden... it was like, go to bed one night, wake up huge... so the strain on my back to keep my stomach up is horrible. Here lately I've just let myself sway back so I can deal with it. They say not to do that but puhlease... you try being pregnant and standing up straight... it is inconceiveable. Believe me.

Let's see... I'm trying to think if anything new has happened to me... we're trying to seal things up and get moving on our lives... for instance, our new house... Sheesh, you wouldn't think things could be so hard to do when you really need them done. We need to hurry and move into our new house (it's much bigger and better) but money is a definate problem. We also need to get things prepared for the new baby but man... who's got the money? Baby clothes are so high priced it's nuts... and there are NO yard-sales out this way because now it's cold so I can't buy them used... which I have no problem with... so everything has to be new... and man... it's starting to worry me. I need a new highchair for my daughter since hers got broke... she needs a crib... desperately needs clothes and shoes... and for the new baby... let's see... I'll make a quick list...

  • Bottles

  • Diapers

  • Clothes/Socks

  • Bassinet

  • Bibs, diaper bag... changing table... drawers for clothes....

    God, it goes on and on. Lee makes less than $200 per week... now... after rent, food, diapers, and bills... it's GONE... so what do I do? Lord knows. I haven't had a webdesign job in a while... but if I could get one, I wouldn't have anything to worry about... I could use that extra cash for all the things my kids need... but you know how life is... sigh... I wish it was easier to get a job. Noone in my town will hire because well... there are about 5 people in total around here who even have a computer... damnit!

    I'll close for now... because for one, I'm done listening to my own whining and I'm sure anyone who reads this is too... but I digress.
  • Sunday, November 12, 2000

    Ahh... my very first post ever. Now to just figure out what to write. Yeah, like that'll be easy...

    Well, the basics of who I am might help if anyone ever reads this thing... to start, I live in North Vernon, Indiana. In my opinion, Hickville, USA. I am 20 years old, married (quite happily), and have a 14 month old daughter. (Natasha) I am also pregnant with my second child (6 1/2 months along) which might I add is a little boy... =c) As for what I do... well, I don't do a whole hell of alot... but I do love webdesign and gaming. I do webdesign for myself and also as an occupation (so hey, if you need something done, let me know!!!). As for gaming... well, I love MPOGs (multi player online games) that really never end... sort of like having an alter reality. Which is good sometimes for those days you're about to go nuts. What I hate about most games online though is the fact that most of the time, you need a credit card to be able to play it... which means well, I'm fucked to put it simply. I like a good game that is free to play... you don't find many of those though. I'd love to make my own game... but I can't find a good editor to do it with.
    I play MUDs too, which those are really cool. I play Realms of Despair (telnet port 4000) the most... have been for almost six years... so if you have a chance, start playing too... it's a good place. (My character names are Heathir, Nichole, & Evestia if you want to contact me there!) Let me see... what else... I have no idea.

    You can email me at this addie. And you can visit my homesite at this one... be sure to bookmark my site though... it is forever being added to. =c)

    I think that is it for now... so bye bye... check later, I'll be writing constantly while online.